I was born in Clifton, Tx and raised in McGregor, Tx. Which is approximately 11 miles south of President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Tx. I am a middle child, out of 11 siblings. I was raised in a family of musicians, to include my father, brothers and uncles, which have been the great influence in my career.
As a child I heard great stories about my father being a musician, who unfortunely I hardly remember (he passed away when I was 3 yrs. old). Music has always been in my blood and a great part of my life. By
the age of 10, I was playing in a local Tejano band as a drummer. Upon graduating high school in McGregor, I received a scholorship in music to a junior college in Waco, Tx. ,where I received my degree in music. After several years of living in Waco and playing with other local bands, I felt the need to move to San Antonio, Tx. "The Tejano Capitol of the World". Where I resumed playing with multiple bands, being a saxaphone and piano player. While living in San Antonio, I had the opportunity to be a member of Eddie Gonzalez and Grupo Vida, which we went on to become one of the top entertaining bands in the Tejano industry. Upon the break up of the band, I decided to persue my own career in the Tejano industry.
Up to date, I have become a songwriter, producer and the lead singer of my own band. I have had
the opportunity of recording with a couple of the greatest record labels in Texas, to include Freddie & Joey Records; presently under his own label Warrior Records (210) 520-6098. As of today, San Antonio is still my home and will be my home for the rest of my life. Tejano music has proven to be one of the greatest pleasures in my life and I will always strive to be the best, for my fans.
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